Chapter 12

Becoming a Specialist with Shields and Libraries


check Finding out about shields

check Looking at the range of shields available

check Understanding libraries

The further you progress in learning about Arduino, the more you want to do, and it’s natural to want to run before you can walk. The areas that interest you may be highly specialized in themselves and require a huge investment of time to understand. Perhaps the most important thing about Arduino is the Arduino community, which is where you can get help when you want go further.

The traditional viewpoint that is hammered into us in education is to protect our ideas for dear life. Thankfully, many people in the Arduino community have seen past that limitation and are kind enough to share their hard work. By sharing this knowledge, the Arduino community helps the hardware and software become available to more people, who find new and interesting uses for it. If these people in turn share their results, the community continues to grow and eventually makes even the most difficult projects achievable. In this chapter, you discover the power of shared resources such as shields and libraries, even for beginners.

Looking ...

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