Chapter 13

Getting to Know Processing


check Getting excited about Processing

check Making shapes of all sizes and colors

In the previous chapters, you learn all about using Arduino as a stand-alone device. A program is uploaded to the Arduino and carries out its task ad infinitum, until it is told to stop or powered down. You are affecting the Arduino by simple, clear electrical signals, and as long as no outside influences or coding errors exist and if the components last, the Arduino reliably repeats its function. This simplicity is useful for many applications and allows the Arduino to not only serve as a great prototyping platform but also work as a reliable tool for interactive products and installations for many years, as it already does in many museums.

Although this simplicity is something to admire, many applications are outside the scope of an Arduino’s capabilities. Although the Arduino is basically a computer, it’s not capable of running comparably large and complex computer programs in the same way as your desktop or laptop. Many of these programs are highly specialized depending on the task you’re doing. You could benefit hugely if only you could link this software to the physical world in the same way your Arduino can.

Because the Arduino can connect to your ...

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