Chapter 12

Building a Home Sensing Station

In This Chapter

arrow Building custom temperature and light sensors

arrow Building a homemade Arduino shield

arrow Programming your sensing station

arrow Posting your sensor data to the Internet

Lots of people have been using their Arduinos to wire things up to the Internet, so much so that folks are starting to talk about an “Internet-of-Things.” There are Internet-enabled lamps, weather stations, and even whole buildings that are wired up to post their data online. Your Arduino has a pretty powerful little microcontroller on board, and it can easily handle the tasks of collecting environmental data and sending it to the Internet.

In this chapter, you create a home sensing station that collects light and temperature data and posts it online. Your sensor station uses an Arduino Ethernet shield so that after your station is built, you don’t have to leave a computer running. It just talks directly to the Internet over your home router. You also find out how to build temperature and light sensor probes and a homemade Arduino shield to connect them to your Arduino. ...

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