Chapter 14

Building a Remote-Controlled Car

In This Chapter

arrow Decoding a remote control

arrow Using servo motors

arrow Programming steering commands

arrow Building a three-wheeled chassis

You can buy remote-controlled car kits in hobby shops, but building your own is much more fun — and it’s easy to do with an Arduino and a little ingenuity. In this project, you create a fully drivable remote-controlled (RC) car by using an ordinary household remote control, an Arduino, and servo motors. You use your Arduino to decode the signals coming from any of your remotes and then use the decoded signal to tell your car to move forward, backward, and turn.

One cool thing about this project is that after you figure out how to use any old remote control with your Arduino, you can transfer this capability to just about any other project that you want to add a remote control to!

tip.eps You can download schematics and full-color parts placement diagrams from the companion website ( ...

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