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Arduino Robot Bonanza

Book Description

Create high-tech walking, talking, and thinking robots

"McComb hasn’t missed a beat. It’s an absolute winner!" -GeekDad, Wired.com

Breathe life into the robots of your dreams—without advanced electronics or programming skills. Arduino Robot Bonanza shows you how to build autonomous robots using ordinary tools and common parts. Learn how to wire things up, program your robot's brain, and add your own unique flair. This easy-to-follow, fully illustrated guide starts with the Teachbot and moves to more complex projects, including the musical TuneBot, the remote-controlled TeleBot, a slithering snakelike 'bot, and a robotic arm with 16 inches of reach!

  • Get started on the Arduino board and software
  • Build a microcontroller-based brain
  • Hook up high-tech sensors and controllers
  • Write and debug powerful Arduino apps
  • Navigate by walking, rolling, or slithering
  • Program your 'bot to react and explore on its own
  • Add remote control and wireless video
  • Generate sound effects and synthesized speech
  • Develop functional robot arms and grippers
  • Extend plans and add exciting features

Table of Contents

  1. Cover 
  2. About the Author
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Contents 
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. Part 1: Arduino Robot Basics
    1. Chapter 1: Introducing the Arduino Development Platform
      1. Why Robotics
      2. Why the Arduino for Robotics
      3. Robot Stuff You Can Do with the Arduino
      4. Arduino: Under the Hood
      5. Of Volts and Speed
      6. Look at All the Blinky Lights
      7. Older Versions of the Arduino Boards
      8. A Closer Look at Arduino Software
      9. Ready Expansion via Breadboards and Shields
    2. Chapter 2: Arduino Up and Running
      1. Parts You Need…
      2. Arduino Quickstart
      3. Looking Again at the Arduino
      4. Getting Started with Microcontroller Programming
      5. Anatomy of an Arduino Sketch
      6. Hands-on Example 1: Ye Olde LED Flasher
      7. Hands-on Example 2: Ye Olde LED Flasher, Take 2
      8. Hands-on Example 3: Reacting to a Pushbutton
      9. Hands-on Example 4: Making Your Arduino Sound Off
    3. Chapter 3: Building the Teachbot Learning Platform
      1. Introduction to the Teachbot Servo Platform
      2. So What Does It Do?
      3. Making the Teachbot Servo Base
      4. Assembling the Teachbot
      5. How the Teachbot Servo Moves Around
    4. Chapter 4: Programming the Teachbot: Making It Move
      1. Wiring Up and Testing a Single Servo
      2. Wiring for Two Servos
      3. Controlling the Teachbot Servo Using Wired Control
      4. More About the Servo Object
      5. Limitations of Modified Servos
    5. Chapter 5: Programming the Teachbot: Seeing It React
      1. Getting in Touch with Your Robot
      2. Using Leaf Switches as Bumpers
      3. Let There Be Light (And Let Your Teachbot See It!)
      4. Following a Line
    6. Chapter 6: Programming the Teachbot: Letting It Explore
      1. Understanding Non-contact, Near-Object Detection
      2. Using an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
      3. Adding a Rotating Turret
      4. Adding a Sharp GP2Y0D810 Infrared Detector
      5. Adding a Sharp GP2D120 Infrared Detector
      6. Adding a Power Switch to the Teachbot
      7. Review of Teachbot Servo Connections
  9. Part 2: Making Things
    1. Chapter 7: Making Things: Mechanical
      1. Important Tools for Making Robots
      2. Robot Construction Materials
      3. Putting Things Together
      4. The Construction Process
    2. Chapter 8: Making Things: Electronic
      1. Using Solderless Breadboards
      2. Using Shields
      3. Tools for Electronic Construction
      4. Understanding Wires and Wiring
      5. Connecting Things Together
      6. Making Your Own Circuits
      7. What You Need to Know About Interfacing
      8. Reducing Electrical Interference for Inputs and Outputs
  10. Part 3: Hands-on Arduino Robot Projects
    1. Chapter 9: Enhancing the Teachbot
      1. General Parts List
      2. Constructing the Teachbot DC
      3. Wiring the Teachbot DC
      4. Running the Teachbot DC Through Its Paces
      5. Testing Motor Speed Control
      6. Adding a Line-Following Module
      7. Adding Wheel Encoders
      8. Adding Sound Effects
      9. Going Further with the Teachbot
    2. Chapter 10: The Amazing Tunebot
      1. Tunebot Design Concept
      2. Building the Tunebot
      3. Testing and Using the Tunebot’s Gear Motors
      4. Using Electronic Motor Control
      5. Replacing the Tamiya Gearbox Motors
      6. Mounting the Arduino and Other Electronics
      7. Constructing the Battery Power Supply
      8. Power and Motor Tests
      9. Attaching Line Follower Module
      10. Making Music with MIDI
      11. Programming Robot Motions and Music
      12. Extending the Tunebot with Proximity and Touch Sensors
      13. On the Web: Enhancing the Tunebot with Rigid Tracks
    3. Chapter 11: Going Places with the Telebot
      1. Using Radio Waves to Control a Robot
      2. Three Arduinos, One Telebot
      3. Setting Up the Telebot Remote
      4. Adding an XBee Receiver to the Telebot
      5. On the Web: Commanding the Telebot with Compass Bearings
      6. Broadcasting Real-Time Video with the Telebot
      7. Telebot Enhancements
    4. Chapter 12: Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?
      1. How Snakes Move, Real and Robotic
      2. Design Concept of the Snakebot
      3. Constructing the Snakebot
      4. Wiring the Arduino Pro Mini
      5. Programming the Snakebot
      6. On the Web: Using the Arduino as a Servo Controller
      7. Operating the Snakebot by Remote Control
    5. Chapter 13: Robby Armstrong
      1. Understanding Robotic Arms
      2. Dissecting Robby
      3. Constructing Robby Armstrong
      4. Attaching the Arduino Board
      5. Wiring for Power
      6. Connecting the Control Circuits to the Arduino
      7. Adding Rubber Feet
      8. Programming Robby
      9. Programming Robby for Interactive Control
      10. Operating Robby Armstrong
  11. Part 4: Appendixes
    1. Appendix A: ARB Online Support
      1. You’ll Find…
      2. Sources for Special Parts and Web Sites
    2. Appendix B: Parts Connection
      1. Robotics
      2. Electronics
      3. Hobby
      4. Specialty Sources
      5. How to Find Electronic Parts in a Big Catalog
    3. Appendix C: Troubleshooting Tips, or How to Keep Things from Going Worng!
      1. Start with a Preflight Check
      2. Systematic Approach to Development and Troubleshooting
      3. Using the Serial Monitor to Debug Problems
      4. Some Common Quandaries, and How to Fix Them
  12. Index