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Art of Drawing People

Book Description

Learn to draw faces, features, and figures in graphite, with inspiration from 4 accomplished artists Packed with practical advice, helpful tips, and fundamental techniques, this comprehensive, 144-page book is an essential resource to which artists of all skill levels will refer again and again. The Art of Drawing People comprises instruction from a group of four experienced artists who demonstrate the processes of drawing the human head and clothed figure from infancy through old age in a variety of poses. The talented authors also share their knowledge about underlying anatomy, ethnic influences, and natural variations in shape, texture, and proportion, as well as basic information about drawing tools and pencil techniques.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Chapter 1: Introduction to Drawing People
    1. Tools & Materials
    2. The Elements of Drawing
    3. Basic Pencil Techniques
    4. Other Ways to Shade
    5. Learning to See
    6. People in Perspective
    7. Placing People in a Composition
    8. Adding Complete Figures
    9. Beginning Portraiture
  5. Chapter 2: Anatomy with Ken Goldman
    1. Exploring the Torso: Front View
    2. Exploring the Torso: Back View
    3. Exploring the Torso: Side View
    4. Exploring the Torso: Tips
    5. Depicting the Arm: Front View
    6. Depicting the Arm: Back View
    7. Depicting the Arm: Side View
    8. Portraying the Hand
    9. Sketching the Leg: Front View
    10. Sketching the Leg: Back View
    11. Sketching the Leg: Side View
    12. Drawing the Foot
    13. Studying the Head & Skull
    14. Capturing Facial Features
  6. Chapter 3: Faces with Walter T. Foster
    1. People
    2. Women: Profile
    3. Women: Three-Quarter View
    4. Women: Frontal View
    5. Men: Three-Quarter View
    6. Elderly Women
    7. Elderly Men
    8. People of the World
    9. Developing Your Own Style
    10. Male Faces
  7. Chapter 4: People with William F. Powell
    1. Adult Head Proportions
    2. Head Positions & Angles
    3. Facial Features: Eyes
    4. Facial Features: Noses & Ears
    5. Facial Features: Lips
    6. Facial Features: The Smile
    7. The Profile
    8. The Three-Quarter View
    9. Child Head Proportions
    10. Mature Faces
    11. Adult Body Proportions
    12. Child Body Proportions
    13. The Body
    14. Hands & Feet
    15. Clothing Folds
    16. Foreshortening
    17. Movement & Balance
    18. Bending & Twisting Figures
    19. Sports Figures in Action
    20. Children in Action
    21. Developing a Portrait
    22. Focusing on Foreshortening
    23. Applying Your Skills
  8. Chapter 5: People with Debra Kauffman Yaun
    1. Understanding Facial Anatomy
    2. Learning the Planes of the Face
    3. Adult Facial Proportions
    4. Exploring Other Views
    5. Depicting Adult Features
    6. Capturing a Likeness
    7. Life Drawing (Portrait)
    8. Approaching a Profile View
    9. Working with Lighting
    10. Including a Background
    11. Developing Hair
    12. Depicting Age
    13. Creating Facial Hair
    14. Children’s Facial Proportions
    15. Portraying Children’s Features
    16. Drawing a Baby
    17. Choosing a Photo Reference
    18. Indicating Fair Features
    19. Replicating Dark Skin Tones
    20. Understanding Body Anatomy
    21. Adult Body Proportions
    22. Hands
    23. Feet
    24. Showing Movement
    25. Foreshortening
    26. Understanding Lighting
    27. Life Drawing (Full Body)
    28. Bridal Portrait
    29. Children’s Body Proportions
    30. Children in Action
    31. Choosing a Pose
  9. Index
  10. Copyright Page