Personality Type can be measured on four scales; each of these scales is a continuum between two extremes:

  1. How and where we get our energy from (the Extrovert-Introvert Scale)

    (E) ExtrovertIntrovert (I)
  2. What type of information we pay attention to (the Sensor-Intuitive Scale)

    (S) SensorIntuitive (N)
  3. How we make decisions (the Thinker-Feeler Scale)

    (T) ThinkerFeeler (F)
  4. How we resolve issues (the Judger-Perceiver Scale)

    (J) JudgerPerceiver (P)

The opposite ends of each scale are called preferences. Most of us have a built-in bias toward one preference. People at the opposite ends of a scale are usually very different from each other. A strong extrovert, for example, is usually much more talkative and outgoing than ...

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