How High Is Your Persuasion IQ?

Assess Your Skills as a Persuader

To give you a chance to assess your persuasion abilities prior to reading the book, I've included a simplified version of the Persuasion IQ Test I use to assess my clients' persuasive abilities. I recommend you complete the test before you read the book. I then suggest you redo the test after reading the book.


  1. Never

  2. Seldom

  3. Sometimes

  4. Often

  5. Always

Assess your persuasion IQ by answering the following questions. Mark the option that best describes your performance. If your answer is "never," check Option 1. If your answer is "sometimes," check Option 3, and so on.

When you have answered all the questions, total your scores and turn to the "Interpreting Your Results" section to ...

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