Meeting Adjourned: The After-Party

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.



WHEN THE MEETING IS OVER, you still have plenty of work to do. The time immediately after a meeting is nearly as important as the meeting itself, so don’t rush off and leave everyone behind. Wait and talk to people afterward to debrief and gain insights that weren’t apparent at the time. Informally have one-on-ones with people who can help champion your cause and then follow up quickly while it’s still fresh. This time immediately following the meeting is your best defense against making a decision that could ultimately spell disaster for the user experience of the project. Plus, you might be able to correct some concerns even if you think the decision has already been made. Let’s quickly review some of the things you’ll need to do immediately after the meeting:

Stick around to chat with people.

Follow up quickly with your notes.

Apply filters and remove the fluff.

Seek out individuals who can help you.

Make decisions when there is ambiguity.

The Meeting After the Meeting

The meeting after the meeting may be more important than the meeting itself. People hang around, casually discussing what just happened. But it is in these informal environments that some people will tell you how they really feel about the project or what they ...

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