You can hardly avoid encountering mentions of AI today. You see AI in the movies, in books, in the news, and online. AI is part of robots, self-driving cars, drones, medical systems, online shopping sites, and all sorts of other technologies that affect your daily life in so many ways.

Many pundits are burying you in information (and disinformation) about AI, too. Some see AI as cute and fuzzy; others see it as a potential mass murderer of the human race. The problem with being so loaded down with information in so many ways is that you struggle to separate what’s real from what is simply the product of an overactive imagination. Much of the hype about AI originates from the excessive and unrealistic expectations of scientists, entrepreneurs, and businesspersons. Artificial Intelligence For Dummies is the book you need if you feel as if you really don’t know anything about a technology that purports to be an essential element of your life.

Using various media as a starting point, you might notice that most of the useful technologies are almost boring. Certainly, no one gushes over them. AI is like that: so ubiquitous as to be humdrum. You’re even using AI in some way today; in fact, you probably rely on AI in many different ways — you just don’t notice it because it’s so mundane. Artificial Intelligence For Dummies makes you aware of these very real and essential uses of AI. A smart thermostat for your home may not sound very exciting, but it’s an incredibly practical ...

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