17Driver Drowsiness Detection System

G. Lavanya*, N. Sunand, S. Gokulraj and T.G. Chakaravarthi

Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore, India


Drowsiness is the major problem associated with road accidents. It is necessary to bring a safe technology which helps to improve the mortality rate; most of the accidents occur due to drivers because of mental fatigue and drowsiness. To overcome the problem this chapter introduced a novel system that helps to avoid the accidents. We have chosen two parameters such as eye and mouth that helps to locate the facial landmarks. Based on that we are tracking the eye and mouth aspect ratio that helps us to identify the drowsiness earlier and avoid accidents.

Keywords: Camera, drowsiness, open CV dlib library, eye aspect, mouth aspect ratio

17.1 Introduction

According to the survey, 100,000 accidents occur annually due to driver sleepiness. Fatigue usually occurs due to psychological state of the person. Due to that they lost their control to stop the vehicle.

Due to mental alertness and sleepiness drivers are not able to operate the vehicle properly and safely; due to that there is an increase in risk of accidents. Based on the above conditions, the driver does not focus on the vehicle. To drive safely, driver mental condition should be good. Interaction between the vehicle and driver is always needed to enjoy a safe journey. The main aim is to monitor the driver’s eye and mouth, whether it is opened or closed with the help ...

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