1Alibaba: Using Artificial Intelligence To Power The Retail And Business-To-Business Services Of The Future

Alibaba Group is a Chinese multinational conglomerate that operates the world's largest e-commerce network through its web portals, which include Alibaba.com, Taobao, Tmall and Ali Express. With global sales that dwarf those of Amazon and eBay combined,1 the business took what it learned from building a global online retail platform and has applied it to enterprises in just about every area of business and technology. Alibaba's success in delivering e-commerce and retail services, electronic payment, as well as business-to-business cloud services, has earned it a market cap in excess of US$500 billion.

Its customers use artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help them find what they want when they shop at its online portals, and as one of the world's largest cloud computing providers it also licenses platforms, tools and cloud services to other businesses to help them leverage AI.

Beyond that, Alibaba is rolling out AI across the wider society, with projects involving turning entire cities into “smart cities”. They are also planning on revolutionizing China's (and perhaps the world's) agricultural industries to ease the burden of feeding a growing population.

How Does Alibaba Use Artificial Intelligence?

The Chinese government has strongly supported efforts by businesses to adopt AI, clearly believing that it has enormous potential for driving economic growth. Its goal ...

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