26Spotify: Using Artificial Intelligence To Find New Music You Will Love

Spotify is a streaming music service that launched in 2008 and now has 180 million active users and 83 million subscribers.1

Like other online services that have risen to prominence in the last decade, such as Amazon and Netflix, offering its users a large catalog of content at prices that undercut traditional delivery methods is only part of the recipe for success.

The “icing on the cake” is Spotify's advanced predictive technology powered by machine learning. This makes it possible to present that content in a way that people can make sense of and enjoy.

One successful way it has managed this is through its Discover Weekly playlists, which give users an artificial intelligence (AI)-curated playlist of new music it thinks they will enjoy.

What Problems Is Artificial Intelligence Helping To Solve?

With millions of songs at their fingertips, users are never short of music to listen to. However, they may find it difficult to discover new bands and artists in the way that radio listeners did in the past.

While it may be simple enough for them to search their favorite band's or singer's name and hear their latest releases, unearthing new talent from the thousands of new tracks added to the service every day is a trickier proposition.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Used In Practice?

Spotify presents users with 30 new tracks every week that it thinks they will love via their own personal Discover Weekly ...

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