Primary sources

Unpublished interviews with author

Chindawongse, Suriya, Diplomatic Officer, Europe Division, Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 20 August 1999, Bangkok.

Cox, Nigel, Head of Southeast Asian Department, British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 3 June 1999, Kuala Lumpur.

Goh, Daisy, Director (Europe), Economic Development Board, Singapore, 6 October 2000, Singapore.

Jorgensen, Per, Director, A.P. Moller (Asia-Europe Business Forum Representative, Denmark), 1 November 1998, Copenhagen.

Liu, Shan, President, Foreign Affairs College, and Chinese Representative to the Asia-Europe Vision Group, 2 July 1998, Singapore.

MacDonald, Alistair, ASEM Coordinator, European Commission, 7 September 1998, Brussels; 29 July 1999, Singapore; ...

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