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E. Ferraz, G. FernandezAsian Founders at Workhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5162-1_8

8. Shao-Ning Huang: Co-founder and Deputy CEO, JobsCentral

Ezra Ferraz1  and Gracy Fernandez1
Makati City, Philippines

In 2000, Shao-Ning Huang co-founded JobsCentral with Der Shing Lim (whom she married in year 3 of the business) in Singapore. The two met at the University of Michigan where she studied business and he studied electrical engineering. In the United States, they encountered Monster and thought that Singapore needed a similar job portal solution.

Unlike most startups today, the couple bootstrapped their entire 11-year journey. After pooling together US $13,200, the co-founders raised another $145,000 from their ...

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