Filter (Command, Recordset Objects) — rsObj .Filter (= vntFilterCriteria )


The Filter property of the Recordset object allows you to view a subset of records contained in the recordset. This subset could match a more exact set of criteria than the criteria used to create the original recordset. When you are finished using the subset of records, you can restore the view of the recordset back to its original state of displaying all the records. Using a filter does not remove records from the recordset but only makes them unviewable. For this reason, restoring the recordset to its original state does not require requerying the database.



Controls what records will appear in the filtered view of your recordset. This variant value can contain any one of the following filtering types:

Criteria text string

Criteria strings are basically equivalent to SQL WHERE clauses without the WHERE keyword. For example, suppose your recordset (adoRec) was constructed using the following SQL statement:

SELECT SalesPrice, Cost, Buyer FROM Sales

You could then apply a filter to this recordset to show only those sales whose sales prices were above $1000 by using the following line of code:

adoRec.Filter = "SalesPrice > 1000"
Bookmark Array

You can set the Filter property to the name of an array of bookmarks that point to records in the recordset. These bookmarks are retrieved using the Bookmark property of the Recordset object for a specific record.

ADO Filter Constant ...

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