Chapter 4. Displaying and Editing Detail Data

In This Chapter

Viewing data with a DetailsView control

Managing a DetailsView and a GridView together

Editing data with a DetailsView control

Viewing data in a custom layout with a FormView control

Managing a FormView and a GridView together

Editing data in a custom layout with a FormView control

Acommon way to display data on a computer screen is to show only a single record arranged in a table format, with a left column showing names of the fields, and a right column showing the data in the fields. The standard result looks something like this:


Abraham Lincoln





This is quite different from showing records from a result set, where you show many records, each on a single row. Instead, in the case at hand, only a single record is visible, and the single record does not occupy a single row on the screen.

In this chapter, I show you different ways to display a single record of data on the screen. Please note that throughout this chapter I typically use the term row (as I have throughout the book) to mean a single record in a result set. At times such terminology can become confusing — in which case, I use the term record just to keep my words unambiguous. Similarly, I sometimes use the term field instead of column to avoid ambiguity.

Displaying and Editing Detail Data

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