12.1. Overriding Default HTTP Runtime Parameters in web.config


You want to change the default HTTP runtime settings for your application, such as the execution timeout setting.


Modify the web.config file by adding ASP.NET HTTP runtime settings to it:

  1. Locate the web.config file in the root directory of your application (or create one if it does not already exist).

  2. Add an <httpRuntime> element and set the executionTimeout and other attributes required for your application:

    	<?xml version="1.0"?>
    		  <httpRuntime executionTimeout="90"
    						  useFullyQualifiedRedirectUrl="false" />


It can be useful to modify the default HTTP runtime settings in web.config so, for example, users of your application can upload large files. Another, perhaps more important, motivation for this recipe is to demonstrate unobtrusively how you can override the predefined settings for your application by adding elements, such as the <httpRuntime> element, to the default web.config file Visual Studio creates.

The following is a description of the attributes we’ve used with the <httpRuntime> element, which are the most commonly used attributes:


The executionTimeout attribute of <httpRuntime> defines the maximum amount of time in seconds that a request is allowed to run before it is automatically terminated by ASP.NET. The default value is 90 seconds. If your application has requests that take longer, such ...

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