15.6. Positioning Content to Stay on Top

The AlwaysVisibleControlExtender lets you float text over the page even when the user scrolls in the browser.


Use this control sparingly. I'd never suggest this technique for annoying advertisements, but it could be handy to park a helpful notice on the screen and update it as required.

In this section, you create the page shown in Figure 15-9. It's hard to tell from the figure, but when you scroll down the page, the advertisement informational panel stays in place.

Figure 15-9. Scrolling is no escape.

15.6.1. Creating a floating style

The panel floats above the text because it uses absolute positioning within the style. In this section, you create two styles for the floating content. The first style, alwaysvisible, defines the size (in pixels) of the outer container, a dotted red border, and a light gray background.

As a recommended option, include style rules that establish a fixed position such as 350 pixels from the left side of the browser pane and 10 pixels down from the top of the pane. Providing these in the style rule helps as you design the page and avoids a screen flash at runtime.

The second style, innercontent, formats the text. Its rules include the alignment, font, size, and color. The inner container stretches to ...

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