The new LoginComponent

From Solution Explorer, navigate to the /ClientApp/app/components/login/ folder and open the login.component.ts file; replace the current content with this brand-new login form:

<div class="login-container">    <img id="login-img" class="login-img"          src="//" />    <h2 class="login-title">{{title}}</h2>    <form [formGroup]="form"           (ngSubmit)="onSubmit()"          class="login-form">        <div *ngIf="form.errors?.auth"            class="error-panel help-block">            {{form.errors.auth}}        </div>        <div class="form-group"             [ngClass]="{ 'has-error has-feedback' :               hasError('Username') }">            <input type="text" required                   formControlName="Username"                   class="form-control"                   placeholder="Username or Email address" /> <span *ngIf="hasError('Username')" ...

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