ASP.NET for Web Designers

Book description

Teaching ASP.NET in a non-linear format that creative thinkers can easily grasp and understand without the typical programming jargon. Provides clear and concise, hands-on, real-world examples right from the beginning of the book. The book contains a natural progression by providing foundational information in the opening chapters. Content will be presented with "hands-on" examples so the opening chapters will also be laying the groundwork for more advanced subjects by not only presenting the information but by writing code as well. The middle section of the book covers the key cast members on the .NET stage including HTML Controls, Web Controls and List Controls. The third and final section of the book covers more advanced issues in ASP.NET including data access and security issues.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. About the Technical Reviewers
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Tell Us What You Think
  6. Introduction
  7. ASP.NET Overview
    1. ASP.NET Basics
      1. ASP.WHAT?
      2. Understanding ASP.NET
      3. Let Me Show You the Shiny New Model: The ASP.NET Advantage
      4. Summary
    2. Understanding Object-Oriented Programming
      1. What Is Object-Oriented Design?
      2. Properties
      3. Namespaces
      4. ASP.NET and Objects
      5. Summary
    3. Scripting Basics
      1. Common Language Runtime—Which Language Should I Use?
      2. Variables
      3. Manipulating Data
      4. Control Structure
      5. Functions and Subs and void, OH MY!
      6. Summary
    4. ASP.NET Pages
      1. Understanding Page Events
      2. Understanding Page Properties
      3. Understanding Directives
      4. Code Separation and Using Code-Behind
      5. Summary
    5. Understanding User Controls
      1. What Are User Controls?
      2. User Control Creation Techniques
      3. Exposing Properties and Methods to Your ASP.NET Pages
      4. Using the LoadControl Method
      5. Summary
  8. Designing with ASP.NET
    1. HTML Server Controls
      1. Working with HTML Server Controls
      2. HTML Control Classes
      3. HTML Server Controls
      4. Summary
    2. Web Server Controls
      1. What Is a Web Server Control?
      2. Why Use Web Server Controls?
      3. Web Form Server Controls
      4. Now That’s Cool! Rich Server Controls
      5. Summary
    3. Web Form Validators
      1. Form Validation
      2. Validating Input Controls
      3. Multi-Browser Support and Validation
      4. ASP.NET Web Form Validation Example
      5. Summary
    4. Displaying Data with Server Controls
      1. What Are List Controls?
      2. List Controls
      3. Complex List Controls
      4. Summary
  9. Advanced Features in ASP.NET
    1. ADO.NET
      1. What Is ADO.NET?
      2. Querying Data
      3. Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data
      4. Stored Procedures
      5. Summary
    2. State Management in ASP.NET
      1. What Is State Management?
      2. Page State
      3. Session State
      4. Application State
      5. Summary
    3. Form-Based Security in ASP.NET
      1. Creating Form-Based Security
      2. Understanding Authentication Logic
      3. Understanding Authorization Logic
      4. Summary
    4. XML in ASP.NET
      1. The XML Server Control
      2. Summary
  10. Appendixes
    1. Installing the .NET Framework
    2. Compiling Custom Objects
      1. Visual Basic .NET Example
      2. C# Example

Product information

  • Title: ASP.NET for Web Designers
  • Author(s): Peter Ladka
  • Release date: August 2002
  • Publisher(s): New Riders
  • ISBN: 073571262X