Assemble the Social Web with zembly

Book description

Use zembly to Create Social Web Applications for: Facebook, Flickr, iPhone, and More!

With zembly you can create mashups and web applications drawing on content from virtually any web site, API call, or data stream. What’s more, zembly makes it as easy to deploy and scale next-generation web applications as it is to build them. Suddenly, the web itself becomes programmable: the browser becomes your development environment, and you can leverage building blocks created by thousands of developers, worldwide.

With extensive contributions from zembly’s creators, Assemble the Social Web with zembly is the first and only official guide to zembly. This book brings together all the knowledge and code you’ll need to build applications for today’s leading Web 2.0 platforms: Facebook, Flickr, Google Maps, iPhone, and more.

The authors begin with a high-level tour of zembly that clearly explains its goals, capabilities, core concepts, and long-term direction. You’ll quickly walk through constructing your first zembly application; then, learn step-by-step how to use zembly with each of today’s most powerful and popular social web platforms.

Coverage includes

  • Understanding the new paradigm of social programming

  • Building Flickr widgets to generate and display web-based slide shows

  • Creating widgets that draw upon Zillow’s enormous real estate database

  • Developing mashups that incorporate maps and geographical data from Google Maps

  • Integrating with Facebook: from the absolute basics through advanced techniques utilizing the Facebook Data Store Model

  • Using Dapper Dapps to create feeds that can capture content from virtually any web site

  • Using zembly to simplify and accelerate iPhone web app development

  • Whether you’re a long-time web professional or a casual developer with a specialized problem to solve, zembly is the tool you’ve been waiting for. One book brings together everything you need to make the most of it: Assemble the Social Web with zembly.

    Product information

    • Title: Assemble the Social Web with zembly
    • Author(s): Gail Anderson, Paul Anderson, Todd Fast, Chris Webster
    • Release date: December 2008
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780131363045