Chapter 1. Challenges in Nanoparticle Risk Assessment
Andrew D. Maynard

Chapter Outline

1.1 Introduction1
1.2 The Nature of the Engineered Nanomaterial Challenge6
1.3 The Problem with Definitions8
1.4 Principles-based Problem Formulation for Engineered Nanomaterials10
1.4.1 Emergent Risk10
1.4.2 Plausibility10
1.4.3 Impact11
1.5 Applying the Principles to Engineered Nanomaterials11
1.5.1 Materials Demonstrating Abrupt Scale-specific Changes in Biological or Environmental Behavior12
1.5.2 Materials Capable of Penetrating to Normally Inaccessible Places12
1.5.3 Active Materials13
1.5.4 Materials Exhibiting Scalable Hazard that is Not Captured by Conventional Risk Assessments13
1.6 Looking Forward13
With the advent of the field of nanotechnology, the importance ...

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