Chapter 4. Pulmonary Bioassay Methods for Evaluating Hazards Following Exposures to Nanoscale or Fine Particulate Materials
David B. Warheit

Chapter Outline

4.1 Introduction and General Background99
4.2 What Is Postulated About the Lung Hazards of Nanoparticle Exposures100
4.3 Species Differences in Lung Responses to Inhaled Fine and/or Ultrafine TiO2 Particles101
4.4 Pulmonary Bioassay Studies102
4.4.1 Pulmonary Bioassay Studies of Fine and Nanoscale TiO2 Particle-types103
4.4.2 Pulmonary Bioassay Studies of Fine and Nanoscale α-Quartz Particle-types105
4.4.3 Safe-Handling of Nanoscale Particulates in the Laboratory107
The field of nanotechnology is currently undergoing substantial research and development efforts. Most of the research activities have ...

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