Chapter 6. Risk Assessment Using Control Banding
David M. Zalk and Samuel Y. Paik

Chapter Outline

6.1 Introduction139
6.2 Challenges Related to the Traditional Industrial Hygiene Approach141
6.3 CB Nanotool143
6.3.1 Severity Factors145
6.3.2 Probability Factors149
6.4 Evaluation of the CB Nanotool152
6.4.1 Severity153
6.4.2 Probability154
6.4.3 Addressing Expert Opinion156
6.5 Considerations for the Nanotechnology Industry160
6.6 Conclusion161
Control banding (CB) offers a simplified, qualitative strategy for the assessment of occupational risks and the selection of solutions, especially in the absence of firm toxicological and exposure information. The nanotechnology industry is an excellent candidate for applying such strategies with the overwhelming uncertainties ...

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