Chapter 7. Controlling Nanoparticle Exposures
Peter C. Raynor

Chapter Outline

7.1 Introduction167
7.2 The Hierarchy of Control168
7.3 Criteria for Prioritizing Control Options170
7.4 Form of Nanomaterials171
7.5 Local Exhaust Ventilation172
7.5.1 Exterior Hoods172
7.5.2 Ventilated Enclosures173
7.6 Air Pollution Control Devices176
7.6.1 Electrostatic Precipitators176
7.6.2 Air Filters177
7.6.3 Filter Performance Over Time182
7.7 Work Practices184
7.8 Personal Protective Equipment184
7.8.1 Protective Clothing and Gloves186
7.8.2 Respiratory Protection187
7.9 Summary and Recommendations190
This chapter focuses on control measures for airborne nanoparticles in work environments. It discusses the hierarchy of control measures and ways to prioritize control options ...

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