Assimilate Hugging Face

Video description

Assimilate Hugging Face

Learn Hugging Face weekly by example

This video course will show you how to build real-world applications with Hugging Face. Topics Covered Include:

  • 1.0 Assimilate Hugging Face EP1 build cli tool summarize codespaces
  • 2.0 Assimilate Hugging Face EP2 Building CLI Summarizer gradio webapp
  • 3.0 Assimilate Hugging Face EP3 Building CLI that interfaces with Hugging Face Datasets and queries for patterns
  • 4.0 EP4 Building Yake to Zero Shot Classification System
  • 5.0 Try and FAIL to build Whisper integration with Hugging Face
  • 6.0 rust gpu hugging face translation tool smoking fast. Full code here:
  • 7.0 building rust Q&A cli tool hugging face and Clap for CLI
Learning Objectives
  • Build a CLI tool that invokes models with Hugging Face
  • Use Github Codespaces to code alongside Github Copilot.
  • Interface with Hugging Face models using Gradio
  • Build command-line tools for working with Hugging Face datasets and models
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Product information

  • Title: Assimilate Hugging Face
  • Author(s): Alfredo Deza, Noah Gift
  • Release date: March 2023
  • Publisher(s): Pragmatic AI Solutions
  • ISBN: 09012022VIDEOPAIML