ControlPlayback() — Plays a file, with the ability to fast forward and rewind the file



Plays back a given filename (without the file extension), while allowing the caller to move forward and backward through the file by pressing ffchar and rewchar. By default, you can use * and # to rewind and fast-forward the playback of the file. If stopchar is specified, the application will stop playback when stopchar is pressed. If the file does not exist, the application jumps to priority n+101, if present (where n is the current priority number).

The skipms option specifies how far forward or backward to jump in the file with each press of ffchar or rewchar.

A pausechr option may also be specified, which will pause playback of the file. Pressing pausechr again will continue the playback of the file.

Returns -1 if the channel was hung up during playback.

    ; allow the caller to control the playback of this file
    exten => 123,1,ControlPlayback(tt-monkeys|3000|#|*|5|0)

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