Welcome to Our World of @YourService

Thank you for taking the time to read @YourService. You will gain insight on how to succeed in this new hyperconnected, Customer-driven world we live in. I do not consider myself a writer and do not plan on taking the traditional approach to writing a book. To me, this, just like social media, is a conversation. We will continue the conversation online via Twitter using my handle @YourService. You will also find the conversation at

Throughout the book, I share lessons that I have uncovered in the Customer Service business as well as recent examples, as I am now combining my service strength with the world of social media. Many marketers believe the world of social media to be a utopia that will sell their product and increase word of mouth. Because of this, people will sell you anything to improve your business using social media, but you most likely already have the right tools to win.

The first thing you have to realize is that there has been a shift in the way that products and services are marketed. The control resides in the hands of your Customer. Many will say that it always has, which sounds good but is not really the case. Previously, companies easily controlled, altered, and filtered their message as best they could through media and traditional marketing messages. Today, Consumers are talking to each other more than ever in loud voices. Winning them over will bring success to you and your business.

You ...

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