Intimate Connections

Scalable intimacy goes much further than a few conversations and employees being themselves. Your Customers have access to more information than ever about your business. They are using it to make decisions each day, but how are you using it?

Do you remember when buying a car was a cat-and-mouse game? You did not have any information to work with in order to determine the price you were willing to pay. Recently I went shopping for a new vehicle, which resulted in two experiences worth sharing. I first went into a local Honda dealership to check out the Honda Ridgeline. In the past ten years I have used pricing information that I found online via as my guide to determining the right price. I have also purchased using the service. This time, due to the convenience of the dealer, I went directly to their showroom. I test-drove the vehicle and had a very pleasant conversation with the car salesman. I made it clear that I was just looking, but that if we decided to go forward, I was easygoing but my expectations were not of the typical back and forth. I determined my pricing using CarsDirect and Kelley Blue Book for the trade. If they were not in line with that price, I would not be interested. Ultimately, I did not want to waste their time or mine. At the end of the test-drive, the salesman shared and tried to sell all of the unique ways in which they provide service to their Customers, including a free car wash whenever they wanted it ...

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