Scale of Change

The scale of change, especially for larger business, can be very overwhelming. Not only do you need to deliver shareholder value, profits, and all of that, but you also need to ensure a positive and attractive brand image, which has grown even more challenging due to social media. The message that you have been sending out via traditional marketing channels is no longer enough, or even resonating at all. Customers have gained control over brands, and now employees have an outlet for taking control of your brand, too.

In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion regarding who owns social media, PR or Marketing. I used to respond jokingly that Customer Service should own it. In reality Customers and employees own your social presence and they define your message. Now suddenly you have to worry about all of this and achieving results. No wonder many people just say, “Forget about it” and continue their same old way of doing business. The problem is that we often wait until it is too late. Think about companies that you have done business with over the years that have gone by the wayside. In your view why did they disappear? Often it is because they did not properly shift with changing market conditions.

We are seeing more than the simple convergence of Marketing and PR, we are seeing the entire organization coming together or a flattening that is not as much about roles as it is about the way we conduct business. It is going to require strong leadership ...

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