The Relationship Hub

Does it sound like Consumers are singing the famous Twisted Sister song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” in stereo? If so, in many ways, you are right! Customers are dissatisfied with unprofessional service, products that don’t work, companies trying to sell them products that they don’t need, and overall unacceptable service. We have been watching this aggrandize and I expect that it will continue to grow dramatically in the coming years. You can allow this to be a frustration or instead you can see it as an opportunity to thrive.

The way to win in this Consumer-driven environment is to create experiences that would cause your Customers to want to share your story. There is opportunity each and every time that your employees interact with Customers as well as through the products that you produce and the services that you provide. It is really not a new concept. The only difference today is that all Customers have a megaphone with which to share their good and bad experiences. Customers have voices that can reach millions and the scale of the Customer voice now rivals that of other broadcast media, like radio and television. Customers are not looking for you to create a million ways to interact with them or hop onto the latest buzz in Service or Marketing. They would prefer that you create an experience that acknowledges them as a person and values them as a Customer. It is really that easy.

One company that is winning in this Consumer-driven environment ...

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