Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang
If at fi rst glance anything calls attention to Alexander Wang, it would be his youth. At
just twenty-three, he has already become one of the designers that young Americans adore
most.  is is due in large part to his ability to give his garments that insouciant yet elegant
urban look that so fascinates Americans, one not everyone knows how to carry off with
such skill and expertise.  is, alongside a style founded on the juxtaposition of elements
(good and bad taste, the 80s and current trends, the luxurious and the basic, etc.), has given
Wang’s creations an unusual identity that adapts very well to current preferences.
His designs are cherished by urban women with a rebellious bent, in search of comfortable
garments with a fl awless cut and the refi ned silhouettes of fashion that emerges from the
street.  is makes perfect sense, given his youth and restlessness. He is both an observer of
and participant in the germination of these street trends, as well as the fi rst to capture and
reproduce them in the form of collections. An example of this is his Spring/Summer 2008
collection, which off ered an unconventional reading of 80s fashion fi ltered through the
lens of the movie Working Girl, exploring the feminine work wardrobe and reinterpreting
it for current times.
Alexander was born in California in the heart of a Chinese-American family. When he was
eighteen, he decided to leave San Francisco and move to New York to study at the Parsons
School of Design. In a short time, he has traveled an impressively long road. Marc Jacobs
and Derek Lam are some of the brands he has worked for, and still under twenty-fi ve, he is
now presenting his seventh collection. In short, he is a true prodigy of fashion.
Photography by Dan Martensen
Alexander Wang
Spring/Summer 2008 collection for
women looking for comfort, freshness
and the opportunity to explore the chicest
side of their nature. Above, oversize
garments combined with mini shorts
or drainpipe trousers represented some
of Alexander’s most striking designs.
Photographies by Dan Martensen
Alexander Wang
Photography by Dan Martensen
Alexander Wang
- What inspires you?
Inspiration usually doesnt stray too far from home. It’s my friends, the streets, art and music. I try not to push too hard
to fi nd inspiration, because it’s usually right under my nose.
- What is your dream as a designer?
To change the way people perceive what is acceptable for red carpet fashion and to create a lifestyle that people can
adapt to and feel comfortable in.
- What has been the most important achievement of your career?
To actually be sold in stores is thrilling, and so is having an amazing team working with me.
- How important are trends?
Not important at all. A trend means you are conforming, and thats not what my brand is about.
- Fashion has always refl ected a certain era. What does fashion refl ect in the twenty-fi rst century?
For me, its individuality and comfort.
-  e book you would recommend to every fashion designer is...
Atlas of Fashion Designers.
Alexander Wang
386 Broadway, 3rd fl oor
New York, NY 10013
United States
Alexander Wang
Photography by Dan Martensen

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