Claudia Rosa Lukas
Claudia Rosa Lukas
Helmut Langs outstanding student, Claudia Rosa Lukas, a young Austrian who in the
course of her short career has demonstrated her command of the lessons learned from
Helmut and Vivienne Westwood, successfully integrating the best teachings of the previous
generation into her own artistic vision. All of this makes Claudia the visible sign of evolu-
tion in fashion design, the natural continuation of a phase well digested, with suffi cient
strength to continue illuminating and inspiring designers to come.
Claudia was born in Austria and studied at the Universities of Vienna and Berlin. She soon
made a name for herself, obtaining the Ministry of Science and Transportation Prize and
the Austrian Fashion Award for contemporary design.
e work of Claudia Rosa is not rupturing, but harmonious. Claudia confi dently incorpo-
rates details into her creations that at another time were considered revolutionary, lessons
learned by someone who has mastered her trade. Without fuss or sharp turns. With har-
mony, care and elegance. Allowing details to emerge gracefully, thus endowing garments
with a meticulous feminine touch.
To this end, this Austrian designer creates exquisite designs that result in tidy, refi ned
garments.  is gives rise to a meticulous sobriety with fl at colors and stylized fi gures that
provide sophistication and femininity to women who do not require a grand display to
attract attention. A studied, natural, and beautiful simplicity that unites the radical aspect
of the aesthetic legacy of big names in fashion history with the well-balanced freedom of a
highly talented young designer.
Photography by Nile M.
Claudia Rosa Lukas
Michael Dürr/model: Anna (Tempo Models)
Claudia Rosa Lukas
Images from the Fall/Winter 2006–
2007 season in which the Austrian
designer presents a collection in three
colors—white, black and bright
aming red—that awakens the senses
opposite the discretion of other tones.
Michael Dürr/model: Anna (Tempo Models)
Claudia Rosa Lukas
- What inspires you?
It always depends on everything that’s going on. Infl uences are everywhere, mainly people around me and their way of
thinking, living and acting.
- What is your dream as a designer?
Imagine if design could change the world. Apparently, this will forever remain a dream.
- What has been the most important achievement of your career?
Every fi nished collection.
- How important are trends?
I am a very attentive trend-watcher. Above all, tendencies in the fi elds of science, politics, economics and entertainment
have an increasingly strong infl uence on fashion.
- Fashion has always refl ected a certain era. What does fashion refl ect in the twenty-fi rst century?
Anything goes. People love changes and new materials.  e best advertising strategies will show us the way where it
will go.
- What book would you recommend to every fashion designer?
Every designer should be aware of the past. I would recommend exploring diff erent costume histories and books about
black-and-white portrait photography.
Claudia Rosa Lukas
Pramergasse 6-1-22
1090 Vienna
Claudia Rosa Lukas
Michael Dürr/model: Anna (Tempo Models)

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