Henrik Vibskov
Henrik Vibskov
Henrik Vibskov was born in Jutland, a peaceful, rural region of Denmark. Everything in-
dicated that the young Henrik would lead a life far from the frenzy of the city until, at the
age of twelve, he won a break-dance competition. At that moment, his parents understood
that their son wasnt going to sit still for even a second.
And they were right. If a common denominator can be extracted from the diverse artistic
career of Henrik, it is the search for change. All of the artistic circles in which this multi-
faceted, restless designer moves are marked by a rhythm that beats unstoppably in areas as
diverse as fi lm, art, and music. Henrik studied art and design at Central Saint Martins. It
wasnt long before he was receiving acclaim from trend-setting magazines that are among
the swiftest in snatching up young talent. In the blink of an eye, the work of Henrik Vib-
skov was appearing in such renowned publications as The Face, Brutus, Dazed & Confused,
I-D and Wallpaper.
Pattern T-shirts, colored socks, checked fabrics, folk-inspired ponchos and colored pants
all combine to produce surprising, highly unconventional collections that resist categoriza-
tion. Henrik is a unique artist that marches energetically to his own drummer in many of
his presentations.  e creative work of this young artist, however, is not limited to design-
ing clothes. Henrik has exhibited his work in some of the most representative galleries on
the fi ve continents. Like a computer virus, his boundless creativity infects the most unex-
pected places on the planet, all in step with a rhythm marked by the fruitful and contagious
torrent of creativity.
Photography by Jacob Langvad
Henrik Vibskov
Photographs by Shoji Fujii
Henrik Vibskov
e “Wet Big Shiny Boobies
collection (Spring/Summer 2008) for
men and women, presented among
breasts which models had to navigate
carefully on the runway.
Photographs by Shoji Fujii
Henrik Vibskov
- What inspires you?
Hmm... some of my pieces “belong” to existing people, like a neighbor or a friend or someone, and some just pop
up—pop, pop, pop.
- What is your dream as a designer?
It would be fun to have a whole lot of money and make a big pile of clothes and give them to people for free.
- What has been the most important achievement of your career?
at I can merge all my interests, music and art. For the Fantabulous Bicycle Music Factory, we made this installation
with bikes that empower music instruments, something like that.  e fact that people like that.
- How important are trends?
ats a good question for a job interview at Ralph Lauren.
- Fashion has always refl ected a certain era. What does fashion refl ect in the twenty-fi rst century?
I have honestly never thought about that.
-  e book you would recommend to every fashion designer is...
Wheres Wally? The Fantastic Journey.
Henrik Vibskov
Vesterbrogade 69d, St, Baghuset
Copenhagen 1620 V
Henrik Vibskov
Photography by Shoji Fujii

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