Attacks on the Press: Journalism on the World's Front Lines, 2015 Edition

Book description

The most comprehensive guide to the global state of free press in 2015

Attacks on the Press is the world's most comprehensive guide to international press freedom. Compiled by the Committee to Protect Journalists, this informative guide features analytical essays from CPJ and other experts and provides a platform for direct advocacy with governments and the diplomatic community to give voice to journalists worldwide. Reporters and photographers face a myriad of risks, from highly publicized murder to imprisonment, cyberattacks, harassment, frivolous lawsuits, and censorship. The risks are increasing due to widespread unrest and in response to the broad dissemination of critical information through social media and the Internet. This book gives journalists a seat at the discussions at the United Nations, Organization of American States, European Union, African Union, and more, to protect journalists and the freedom of press that is so essential to human rights.

By publicly revealing abuses against the press and acting on behalf of imprisoned and threatened journalists, CPJ effectively warns journalists and news organizations where free press is in danger. This book is their annual guide to where these attacks are occurring, and who is doing the attacking.

  • Assess dangers to freelance journalists in conflict zones

  • Evaluate new forms of censorship in places like Egypt, Hong Kong, and Turkey

  • Contemplate the long-range impacts of the publicized executions of journalists by militant groups

  • Review available cybersecurity measures and the price journalists pay to keep up with spies

  • Analyze the 10 most censored countries in the world

  • Strong press freedom encourages the growth of a robust civil society, which leads to stable, sustainable democracies and healthy social, political, and economic development. Attacks on the Press is the most comprehensive annual survey of global press freedom, and a calling out of those who threaten it.

    Table of contents

    1. Foreword
    2. Chapter 1: Going It Alone: More Freelancers Means Less Support, Greater Danger
    3. Chapter 2: Covering War for the First Time—in Syria
    4. Chapter 3: The Rules of Conflict Reporting Are Changing
    5. Chapter 4: Broadcasting Murder: Militants Use Media for Deadly Purpose
    6. Chapter 5: Lack of Media Coverage Compounds Violence in Libya
    7. Chapter 6: Reporting with Bodyguards on the Paraguayan Border
    8. Chapter 7: Between Conflict and Stability: Journalists in Pakistan and Mexico Cope with Everyday Threats
    9. Chapter 8: Conflating Terrorism and Journalism in Ethiopia
    10. Chapter 9: We Completely Agree: Egyptian Media in the Era of President El-Sisi
    11. Chapter 10: Finding New Ways to Censor Journalists in Turkey
    12. Chapter 11: Treating the Internet as the Enemy in the Middle East
    13. Chapter 12: Overzealous British Media Prompt Overzealous Backlash
    14. Chapter 13: Outdated Secrecy Laws Stifle the Press in South Africa
    15. Chapter 14: Amid Ebola Outbreak, West African Governments Try to Isolate Media
    16. Chapter 15: For Clues to Censorship in Hong Kong, Look to Singapore, Not Beijing
    17. Chapter 16: Surveillance Forces Journalists to Think and Act Like Spies
    18. Chapter 17: Two Continents, Two Courts, Two Approaches to Privacy
    19. Chapter 18: Journalists Grapple with Increasing Power of European Extremists
    20. Chapter 19: Indian Businesses Exert Financial Muscle to Control Press
    21. Chapter 20: The Death of Glasnost: How Russia’s Attempt at Openness Failed
    22. Chapter 21: Media Wars Create Information Vacuum in Ukraine
    23. Chapter 22: Journalists Overcome Obstacles through Crowdfunding and Determination
    24. Chapter 23: Trends in Press Freedom: 10 Most Censored Countries Threaten Jail Terms, Restrict Internet to Silence Press
      1. 10 Most Censored Countries
    25. Index
    26. EULA

    Product information

    • Title: Attacks on the Press: Journalism on the World's Front Lines, 2015 Edition
    • Author(s): Committee to Protect Journalists
    • Release date: April 2015
    • Publisher(s): Bloomberg Press
    • ISBN: 9781119088424