Chapter 5. Can My Business Be "That Guy"?

Remember, you don't have to be an individual person active online to be "That Guy." Your business can be "That Guy." Just think about the businesses that always seem to be at the top of everyone's list, constantly being mentioned, and featured in the media and covered by blogs. Those businesses have tapped into something unique, and are able to get you and me to flock to them, not only making us fans of what they do, but how they do it. For example, take Zappos. Sure, they're one of the biggest online retailers on the planet, but what really gets them noticed is their amazing customer service. Zappos teaches us valuable lessons that we can take and implement in our businesses, which makes them more than just a place for us to buy shoes.

Below are some other businesses that qualify as "That Guy."


No longer the choice for just the artsy types and Mac fan boys, Apple is adored by investors, consumers, and legions of others who have a cult-like worship for CEO Steve Jobs and his Zen philosophy of sleek design and function. Jobs's return to the company he founded was heralded and led to the release of Apple's iTunes and iPod, which revolutionized how music is bought and listened to. The company's iPhone, iPad, and apps marketplace also paved the way for a new generation of smart phones and portable computing devices. In addition, the company continues its tradition of innovative advertising. Therefore, even if you consider yourself a PC person, ...

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