Chapter 16. Do You Market Outrageously?

Great marketers know that in order to get someone to pay attention to them, they have to find ways to generate a reaction from them. Good or bad, it doesn't really matter, without some kind, any kind, of reaction you're not going to be remembered. In the early days on the Web, marketers made brightly-colored and fast-moving, blinking banner ads to get the reader to pay attention. While that worked at first, readers quickly became weary of such an in-your-face style. Today, banner ads, blinking or not, have become pretty much ineffective as a whole. The point is that what may have worked once, might not work forever.

Your business struggles every day to get the attention of potential customers. Why? Because you're doing it wrong. The traditional and conservative marketing attempts you've been using just aren't working anymore. Writing a check to your local radio station for a series of promo spots on the morning zoo show doesn't work as well as it used to. Buying a classified ad in the local newspaper doesn't yield you the quantity or quality of job applicants that you used to get. Combine those things with the fact that while those things don't work as well as they used to, they still cost just as much.

Sometimes, just maybe, you'd be better off thinking a little bit outrageously, to take you off that losing cycle of slow growth and average returns for your business that you've justified as the best we can do. However, it's not the best you ...

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