Chapter 22. It's All about Pain

Solving a problem is really all about taking someone's pain away. We all have pain and as consumers we spend trillions of dollars a year on people and businesses who can take the pain away for us. When our teeth hurt we go to the dentist and, literally, he takes the pain away. When our toilet breaks, we call the plumber and she plunges the problem away. When we need to figure out how to generate sales, leads, and publicity by generating attention, we pick up this book!

Everyone has pain and that's why, if you can figure out how to stop that pain, you can make bags and bags of cash. Now is your opportunity to figure out what pain you can take away from your customers. It doesn't matter what it is that you do, there's someone out there that needs your help.

An accountant takes the pain away from people who don't understand things such as taxes and billing procedures. A car salesperson helps us buy the car that will allow us to have that job that makes us money. Even a business like Ikea helps us get over the pain of having to spend too much money on attractive, yet durable furniture.

Getting the idea? You don't sell what you think you sell. Customers buy from you because of what you can do for them to help them, not because of your logo or web site copy. Once you begin to think in these terms you will begin to prosper, because you'll understand how to assist your customers in giving you their business.

Five-Hour Energy drink doesn't sell you energy. They ...

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