Chapter 23. The Universal Truths of Selling on the Web

You already know the biggest universal truth of selling on the Web: solving problems. Now let's talk about some other universal truths that will continue to help you understand how to find success online. You'll notice that these rules are not totally specific to the Web, but are rules that are pretty much universal in marketing and sales. However, these truths are in fact more important in a Web environment, and are consistent in the way they have helped the Web grow into the behemoth that it is today. One thing is for sure, if you want to harness the power of attention to drive more sales or publicity, then you're going to first need to understand these universal truths of marketing and selling online.

Easy and Simple Wins

Google knows this and now you do as well: easy always wins. Take a moment and picture your web site, your blog, your product or service in your head right now. Now, think of Google's. Which one is easier? No, you're not a search engine; you're probably a small business owner with a variety of products or services, an entrepreneur with a business idea, or a blogger. However, the comparison remains because regardless of what it is you do, easy will always win.

So keep thinking about your Web business. Is what you're selling easy to buy? By that, I mean, when somebody comes to buy from you, or to simply get information from you—like a phone number or to download a white paper—is it easy to do? On the other hand, ...

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