Chapter 45. Let's Get Viral!

A client walks into my office and says, "I want you to make me a viral video." My answer? "I'll bet you a million bucks I can't do it." Either way, I win. If you like shooting craps in Vegas, then reaching for a viral video is for you. Indeed, there's more of a chance you're going to find a suitcase full of cash on the subway than there is of producing a video that is going to go viral. However, if you can find a way to produce something viral, the sky is the limit in terms of the benefits it can bring your business. All that being said, it's important to understand what a viral video can do for you.

Blenders Are Boring?

BlendTec makes high-performance blending and dispensing equipment for restaurants. Not the kind you and I use to make a smoothie in our kitchens, but rather, those expensive blenders used in fancy juice and coffee shops.

Yes, blenders are boring, or so we all thought. It's hard to imagine anything fun, creative, and attention getting to do with a blender right? Not so fast! George Wright, the man behind the campaign begs to differ. Here's the story of how one attention-getting idea combined with a viral video campaign shocked the world and exploded profits.

In 2007, George Wright was walking through the demonstration room area of BlendTec when something caught his attention. He saw a big pile of wood shavings on the ground that looked out of place. Being the inquisitive type, he began to ask around to see what was happening ...

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