Appendix C: terminology

For a more comprehensive description of technical terms used throughout the industry, I recommend The BKSTS Illustrated Dictionary of Moving Image Technology by Martin Uren, published by Focal Press.


1+1 – one plus one, referring to an interview, interviewer plus one interviewee (1 + 2, two interviewees, etc.).

2S – two shot, similarly 3S, 4S, etc.

A/B or A and B – left and right signals for stereo reproduction; or A/B – as before, depending on context.

Atmos – Atmosphere, the aural ‘surround’ to a location, often recorded as wildtrack, q.v.

Aux – Auxiliary.

Backing track – Pre-recorded track used for performers/contributors guide to re-creating a timed performance and to possibly add further/main sound track. ...

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