1.1 What Is Technical Ear Training?

       1.1.1 Isomorphic Mapping

       1.1.2 Increasing Awareness

       1.1.3 Increasing Speed of Detection

1.2 Shaping Sounds

1.3 Sound Reproduction System Configurations

       1.3.1 Monaural: Single-Channel Sound Reproduction

       1.3.2 Stereo: Two-Channel Sound Reproduction

       1.3.3 Headphones

       1.3.4 Headphone Recommendations

       1.3.5 Surround: Multichannel Sound Reproduction


We are exposed to sound throughout each moment of every day regardless of whether we pay attention to it or not. The sounds we hear give insight into not only their sources but also the nature of our physical environment—surrounding objects, walls, and structures. Whether we find ...

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