4.1 Signal Detection in Dynamics Processors

4.2 Compressors and Limiters

       4.2.1 Threshold

       4.2.2 Attack Time

       4.2.3 Release Time

       4.2.4 Knee

       4.2.5 Ratio

       4.2.6 Level Detection Timing

       4.2.7 Visualizing the Output of a Compressor

       4.2.8 Automated Level Control through Compression

       4.2.9 Manual Dynamic Range Control

4.3 Timbral Effects of Compression

       4.3.1 Effect of Attack Time

       4.3.2 Effect of Release Time

       4.3.3 Compression and Drums

       4.3.4 Compression and Vocals

4.4 Expanders and Gates

       4.4.1 Threshold

       4.4.2 Attack Time

       4.4.3 Release Time

       4.4.4 Visualizing the Output of an Expander

4.5 Getting Started ...

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