2.1 The Good/Bad/Ugly and the ‘Bead Game’

Some Bad Examples and a Good One

So far, I’ve only shown you well-done work – it looks the way it’s supposed to look. But how will you know what to avoid if I don’t show you some examples of bad work? Sloppy, shoddy work that no one will admit to doing, but that somehow occurs all too frequently.

You’ve seen the good – and there’s plenty more of it in Section 3, the modules on specific connectors. Here is a brief ‘rogue’s gallery’ of common mistakes. Or maybe I should say ‘come on missed takes’?

After the ‘bad guys’ I want to talk about a technique called ‘beading’. It’s described in some of the connector modules, like 3.3 (mini-male guitar plug connectors) and 3.7 (TT male connectors), but ...

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