Computer forensics tools are, by themselves, scientific. The proper use of the various computer forensics tools and analysis of the results is both an art and a science. The steps that we as laypersons can perform amount to common sense. Nonetheless, such commonsense steps can mean the difference between a successful prosecution and a perpetrator getting away with an illegal act. It is hoped that readers will use the information in this chapter as a guide to help their organizations develop procedures that will increase the likelihood of convictions of perpetrators of electronic and other crimes. Exhibit 12.1 provides a list of common computer forensics software products and services.

Computer Forensics Software Products And Services

Most computer forensics tools have been developed for private use by consultants who charge hefty fees to assist attorneys, client companies, and law enforcement agencies. Only recently have such tools become commercially available. Distribution of some of these tools still is regulated by their creators to limit the number of criminals obtaining such technology. I have compiled the following list of tools from various sources. Some are notnecessarily computer forensics specific and thus have been commercially available for up to 10 years. They were included because they could assist in a computer forensics investigation.



Probably the best-known computer ...

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