Networking at conferences and at professional association leadership functions was discussed in the previous section. However, networking can also be accomplished at the local level as well. Through an effective local network, one can develop contacts in a variety of different industries. These individuals can be valuable resources when one is searching for information on different auditing techniques, technical information on new and existing technologies, or simply to exchange ideas. Contacts from organizations within the same industry can provide benchmarking standards for an organization. Also, contacts from different industries can add diversity to one's perspective. The nice part about personal "local area networks" is that one can physically meet these people for lunch or at some other informal venue to discuss topics of interest.

Networking opportunities of a different nature occur when one is an active chapter board member. For example, the ISACA International office helps facilitate the development of chapter leaders throughout the world by hosting annual leadership conferences. ISACA's North American Leadership Conference is usually held during the weekend prior to the annual Computer, Audit, Control, and Security (CACS) Conference. Chapter delegates usually include the president, vice president, and selected other board members. The conferences enable leaders of chapters of all sizes to network and exchange ideas on all aspects of chapter operations, ...

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