Throwing the ball

We now have a great-looking ice ball just in front of our walking monster. Time to get that ball in motion using the following steps to add the objects and scripts:

  1. Drag the DualTouchControls prefab from the Assets/Standard Assets/CrossPlatformInput/Prefabs folder in the Project window to the Hierarchy window.
  2. Rename the DualTouchControls object to Catch_UI in the Inspector window.
  3. Expand the new Catch_UI object and delete the TurnAndLookTouchpad and the Jump objects. When prompted to break the prefab, click on continue.
  4. Expand the MoveTouchpad object and delete the Text object by selecting it and pressing delete.
  5. Select the MoveTouchpad object and rename it ThrowTouchpad in the Inspector window.
  6. Open the Anchor Presets in the Rect ...

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