Practice Scenario 3: Solution

Table 5-6 shows the solution for Practice Scenario 3.

Table 5-6. Solution: Span Engineering Dial Plan
Call InformationNumber DialedNumber Sent to Remote Gateway Through WANNumber Sent to PSTN
Cicero caller calls Dallas extension 23125231223121-972-555-2312
Cicero caller calls ORD extension 5087650875087630-555-5087
Dallas caller calls Cicero extension 33127331233121-708-555-3312
Dallas caller calls Dallas extension 28872887N/A972-555-2887

Enhancing and Extending an Existing Plan to Accommodate VoIP

There are many ways that you can enhance and extend an existing numbering plan to accommodate the VoIP network. All of these ways require careful planning and consideration. This section discusses two of these ways: number ...

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