Chapter 13. Creating Text


  • Creating and editing single-line text

  • Understanding text styles

  • Working with multiline (paragraph) text, including annotative text

  • Creating tables

  • Linking to data and extracting object data

  • Automating with fields

  • Managing text to improve performance

  • Using the FIND command

  • Checking spelling

Every drawing includes text that labels or explains the objects in the drawing; this text is often called annotation. In each release, the capabilities of the text feature have improved so that you can now easily format and edit text to provide a professional appearance to your drawing. A wide range of font, alignment, and spacing options is available. You can also import text from a word processor. This chapter tells you all that you need to know about creating text in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

Creating Single-Line Text

A great deal of text in a drawing consists of short labels or comments. Use single-line text when you want each line of text to be a separate object or when you're creating a small amount of text. Single-line text has fewer options than the multiline text that I explain later in this chapter, but it's easy to create and to accurately place in a drawing.

Creating Single-Line Text

Follow the prompts:

Current text style:  "Standard"  Text height:
0.2000  Annotative:  No
Specify start point of text or [Justify/Style]: Pick
a start point for the text.
Specify height <0.2000>: Type a height, ...

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